Queena Yan

Queena Yan was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada where she developed an unique sense of style at an early age. Always having had a knack for mix matching designs, color coordinating, and accessorizing to create an original outfit, Queena never imagined that her ability to channel daily expression through her own style would someday lead her to a career in fashion.

As someone who is highly stimulated by her surroundings, Queena drew artistic inspirations from everything she was exposed to, from her family’s Chinese culture and practice in Buddhism, to her appreciation for music and art. Beyond creative stimulation, Queena honed her drive, work ethic and sense of self by participating in a myriad of sport teams and extracurricular activities including dance, piano, volleyball, basketball and tennis.

To pursue her dream in fashion, Queena enrolled in Fashion Design classes and received her first degree at Vancouver Community College. It was also there where she created her very first collection. It was received with such positive and overwhelming response that it motivated her to collaborate the start of HardiHood Clothing- a Canadian based high-end urban street wear company. Subsequently, this invaluable experience motivated Queena to pursue her higher education and career in fashion at F.I.T in New York City.

Currently, en route to her second Degree, Queena has since worked with / and for various photographers, wardrobe stylist, choreographers, directors and artists such as Bill Blass, Lee Clower, Lucy Corrigan, Ise White, Derek Reed and Lil Kim to name a few. Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Vh1, MTV, Paper-cut and other various publications. Additionally, her work has also been featured in both film and television. Queena’s goal is to create a high-end movement combining fashion, music, art, dance, photography, and styling into one hollistic brand, Queena Yan.